Paper Presentations

Paper Presentations # 1 – 1st December 11.30am

NZ – 1.30pm | VIC/NSW/TAS – 11.30am | SA – 11am | QLD – 10.30am | NT – 10am
WA – 8.30am

Links to join all conference sessions can be accessed via the program page of the ADSA conference website

Session 1A
Chaired by Alyson Campbell
Chris Hay – Revisioning Comedy on the Australian Mainstage
Caitlin West – Othello’s Black(?) Handkerchief: textual instability as locus for de- colonisation on stage
Madeline Taylor – Unpicking labour borders: exploring the emotional and creative work of costume making

Session 1B.
Chaired by Daniel Johnston
Tessa Rixon – The potential of authenticity in reframing the relationship between performance, audience and vision technology in digital performance
Gabrielle Lennox – Plays and Players: Bartle’s Player-type Theory in Ergodic Theatre
Merophie Carr – Going feral – four years of living with an audience 

Session 1C
Chaired by Olivia Millard
Jonathan Marshall, Clint Bracknell, Pierre Horwitz & Trevor Ryan – Performing kayepa dordok living waters in Noongar Boodjar, South-Western Australia
Shaun McLeod, Gretel Taylor, Anindita Banerjee & Joshinder Chaggar – Sticky Conversations about Dancing Between Two Worlds
Ajeet Singh – Performing ‘Aboriginality’ as a Decentred Identity: A Survey of Contemporary Aboriginal Theatre

Session 1D
Chaired by Kate Hunter
Denise Varney – Theatrical Ecologies and Denialism
Lara Stevens – Performing with the Invisible: Jill Orr and Air
Peta Tait – Performing Nonhuman Elements, Air and Bodily Affect

Session 1E
Chaired by Peter Beaglehole
Claire French – Disinhibiting the body to mobilise multilingualism
Deborah Leiser-Moore – unHOWsed: Hidden Voices of Older Homeless Women
James Wenley – (De)constructing a performance of Pākehā identity: Dr Drama Makes A Show

Paper Presentations # 2 – 1st December 2pm

NZ – 4pm | VIC/NSW/TAS – 2pm | SA – 1.30pm | QLD – 1pm | NT – 12.30pm
WA – 11am

Links to join all conference sessions can be accessed via the program page of the ADSA conference website

Session 2A
Chaired by Merophie Carr
Hadeel Abdelhameed & Thamir Az-Zubaidy – Iraqi theater in Australia: Intersectionality and reflexivity in research and praxis
Racheal Missingham – Evolution of Deaf Theatre in Australia
Kathryn Kelly & Sally Chance – The Fourth Wall is Ridiculous: the decentring presence of children in contemporary Australian dance theatre practice

Session 2B
Chaired by Shaun McLeod
Francesca Ferrer-Best – Multi-scale Methods for Disrupting Habitual Thought on Ballet
Gareth Belling – Ballet as metonymy for Australia
Carl Walling – A Performance without its Audience: Captain James Cook’s Subantarctic Claiming Ceremonies on South Georgia Island

Session 2C
Chaired by Chris Hay
Nicola Hyland – De-centring Polly – Decolonisation as a devising methodology
Sarah Thomasson – Mapping the Australasian Festival Ecology
Gillian Arrighi & Anthony Skuse – Revisiting the ‘hidden’ and ‘not-yet archives’ of Australia’s theatre for young people

Session 2D
Chaired by Joshinder Chaggar
Jonathan Marshall – Hysterical Aesthetics in Contemporary Performance: theatre, dance, voice
Peter Zazzali – Oppression and the Actor: Locating Freire’s Pedagogy in the Training Space – an Ethnographic Investigation
Asher Warren – Scenarios of making in Tasmania: intersectionality, backroads and flyovers

Paper Presentation # 3 – 2nd December 12pm

NZ – 2pm | VIC/NSW/TAS – 12pm | SA – 11.30am | QLD – 11am | NT – 10.30am
WA – 9am

Links to join all conference sessions can be accessed via the program page of the ADSA conference website

Session 3A
Chaired by Tessa Rixon
Liza-Mare Syron – (Re) positioning an Indigenous Standpoint as theatre making practice
Katy Maudlin – Director/Outlaw/Mother: A study at the intersection of directing practice and mothering.
Corinne Heskett – Costume and the ‘Scandalous Memoirs’ – How a design-led approach to playwriting can de-centre and challenge traditional processes.

Session 3B
Chaired by Ashlee Barton
Katie Lee – Unruly Guests: Inside (Out) the Institution
Elizabeth Old – Programming value for Australia contemporary dance

Session 3C
Chaired by Chris Hay
Lisa Harper Campbell – Decentring the Institution
Jo Loth – From exoticism to personal discovery: An Australian adaptation of the Suzuki actor training method

Session 3D
Chaired by Ebony Muller
Daniel Johnston – ‘Drunken prophecies, libels and dreams’: Richard III’s Inauthenticity
Graham Seaman – Rethinking The Currency Lass: Turning a racist Lass on its head
Sarah Balkin – On Quitting: Dave Chappelle’s The Closer and Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette

Paper Presentations # 4 – 3rd December 11.30am

NZ – 1.30pm | VIC/NSW/TAS – 11.30am | SA – 11am | QLD – 10.30am | NT – 10am
WA – 8.30am

Links to join all conference sessions can be accessed via the program page of the ADSA conference website

Session 4A
Chaired by David Shirley
Amy Hume – Crushing the ‘cultural cringe’: Recognising listening bias in Australian voice training
Jon Burtt – Decolonising Circus Training
Carol Brown – Contact Zones & Cross-Rhythms: Decentring Dance Training
Bernadette Meenach – Training as a Tool of Colonisation: Voice and Speech trainers shifting history

Session 4B
Chaired by Katy Maudlin
Ashlee Barton – Continuously beginning: the re-creation and translation of choreographic works
Görkem Acaroglu – SHADOWS of the Australian Performing Arts Ecology
Darcy McGaw – De-centring silence: Physical Theatre, representation, and the female body

Session 4C
Chaired by Chris Hay
Tristan Niemi – Steering Clear of the Wallowing Place: A Dramaturgy of Queer Tragedy
Matthew Bapty – A Rock and a Queer Place: Re-Visioning Australian History through Adaptation
Alyson Campbell & Jonathan Graffam – Baking Cake Daddy: transforming fat-phobia to fat-positivity with a pantry-full of fat-queer subversive pedagogies

Session 4D
Chaired by Misha Myers
Ebony Muller – CARE DANCE on Film: Converging the Live and the Screen
Sarah Peters – In relationship with people, time, and care: a community-engaged theatre practice case study
Natalie Lazaroo & Sarah Woodland – Enacting Love and Friendship: Decolonial Approaches to Applied Theatre Praxis
Ciara Condren – ‘Building the plane as we’re flying it’: Allyship alongside Autistic adults in Applied theatre practice.